Terms of Service


The client has authority to engage Hope Landscaping for the Maintenance Services regarding the Property listed on the proposal.


-Service Plans:

Service plans consists of approved recurring services that are totaled and billed over a 12 month period.

-Additional Services:

Additional services are services performed per request and billed at that time.

-Rescheduled Services:

Any adjustments made to the Invoice must be communicated 24hrs prior to the Due Date. If a scheduled service is unable to be performed on the initial date, Hope Landscaping will first attempt to reschedule. If the service was unable to be completed within the invoiced month, a credit will be held on the account to be deducted from the next Invoice.
*Only weather delays or delays due to Hope Landscaping’s schedule qualify for a credit. Hope Landscaping will make every attempt to accommodate any customer requests to reschedule services made 48hrs prior to the service date.*

-Lawn Care Treatments:

  • Fertilize
  • Weed Control
  • Pest/insect Control

-Granule applications should be watered after each treatment.
-Spot spraying weeds: Allow 2 weeks after treatment for the product to have effect as it is systemic.
-We’ll email a notification after each application
*Please keep children and pets off treated area for 24hrs*


-Monthly Billing:

Hope Landscaping will invoice the Client at the first of the month in which services will be performed. An Invoice detailing a projection of the scheduled work will be sent to the Client. At this time, the Client has until the Due Date (the 5th of the month) to review all projected services and costs. 

-Due Date:

All Monthly Invoices are due on the 5th of the month. After which, any outstanding balances will cause a pause in services until payment has been received. 

-One-Time Service:

Any additional services not already scheduled on a monthly basis will be invoiced separately. A proposal detailing the service and amount will be sent to the client to approve.

-Payment Information Held On File: 

Client payment information saved on file will be charged to the Client on the specified Due Date according to the Invoice.


Feedback is how we grow! Let us know if you are unsatisfied with a service or if there was something missed within 24hrs of our visit. We’ll send someone out to make it right.

Texas summers are HOT HOT HOT! Help our crew work efficiently by keeping all debris (toys, trash, clothes, etc.) clear of the lawn area. 

We want to make your lawn beautiful, we really do! Please keep all gates unlocked and pets put away on service days to make sure we’re able to keep your lawn looking great, front and back!


Referral Program-

Let a friend know how great our service is. If they sign up, you get a free lawn service! How cool is that?!


Your lawn looks amazing and we’re proud! We would love to use photos (not including any personal information such as address or names) to show others what they’re missing out on!


See the links below for in depth description of services.
Lawn Maintenance https://hopelandscaping.net/services-solutions/lawn-leaf-maintenance/

Leaf Maintenance https://hopelandscaping.net/services-solutions/lawn-leaf-maintenance/
Hedge Trimming https://hopelandscaping.net/hedge-trimming/
Lawn Care Treatments https://hopelandscaping.net/services-solutions/lawn-care/
Flowerbed Maintenance https://hopelandscaping.net/flowerbed-maintenance/
Mulch https://hopelandscaping.net/mulch-spread/
Aeration https://hopelandscaping.net/aeration/

**Either Party may terminate this Agreement for any reason at any time**

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