Weed Control

 Schedule weed control  treatments to keep your lawn and flowerbeds looking their best.

A consistent, annual program will keep weeds out and unwanted lawn pests away. Weeds are defined as any plant in a undesired location.

Generally, weeds can be categorized as either grassy or broad leaf. Adequate watering, healthy soil and cutting only 1/3 of the grass when mowing, will naturally help prevent these weeds.

Some insects are a healthy part of mother nature but when Fire Ants and some other lawn pests start to appear, there is nothing pleasant about that. Healthy thriving lawns are unlikely to have these problems. However, when they arise we can help. You can tailor our treatment plans to meet your needs. We can show you options for pre-emergent, fertilizer, post-emergent, fungus and fire ant or lawn pest control treatments.

Ask about our organic lawn management.  The natural approach to a healthy, weed free lawn and landscape. Organic weed and pest control takes a dedicated plan. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is fundamental to organic lawn care and weed control. IPM is the process of managing un wanted pests and weeds by long term prevention. Prevention is key to great organic management. The organic approach is better for the environment.   Find some great organic information here… Dirt Doctor

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