Lawn Maintenance

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We’ll keep your lawn and landscape looking clean and healthy with professional services including mowing, edging, blowing and cleaning.

Mowing: We use professional power equipment, including mowers that have frequent blade replacements to keep a clean, fresh cut every time.

Edging: We edge your lawn to keep a sharp defined look to define your grass from pavement and other edging.

Blowing: We blow clean all paved areas, beds and grass, giving you property the professional clean appearance you expect.

When fall arrives we’ll transition from lawn maintenance to leaf maintenance. See more on leaf maintenance below.

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Leaf Maintenance

Leaf Removal

When it’s that time of year again, we are here for your landscape cleaning needs. Leaf bagging, leaf mulching, trimming, pruning, gutter cleaning and weeding are all services we offer. We’ll have your lawn and landscape looking new again!

Leaves: In the fall season we’ll replace edging and string trimming with leaf maintenance. Some properties have more trees than others and significant more leaf drop. In this scenario we’ll perform leaf maintenance. Leaf maintenance is a separate service, apart from lawn maintenance. It’ll consist of blowing leaves and bagging them with the mowers to leave a clean and healthy lawn.

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A plush healthy lawn is every home owners goal. Here are a few basic tips that can help you reach that goal:

1. Water less but for longer periods. This will promote deep root growth and contribute to a healthier and hardier lawn. The roots are forced to grow deeper to take in water, so during droughts or harsh conditions the grass can withstand much more.

2. Fertilizing and weed prevention with the right products at the right times. Don’t over do it with those harsh synthetic fertilizers or herbicides that can turn your soil into unwanted hard-pan. It’s best to and treat the lawn & soil with the right amounts of nutrients to keep the soil ph balanced. A healthy soil is the base to all healthy lawns and landscapes.

3. Mow often enough that your only cutting a third of the grass height. Waiting too long to mow and cutting more than a third can lead to a struggling lawn. Contact Us!

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