Lawn Care – Weed Control, Fertilization, Insect and Disease Control

Lawn care with a fertilization and weed control plan promote a thriving lawn and eliminate weeds. As a result, your lawn and landscape will be looking it’s best!

Lawn Care – Weed Control

Weeds are defined as any plant in an undesired location.

Consistent, scheduled weed control  treatments keep your lawn and flowerbeds looking their best.

First, we apply an pre-emergent. This prevents weed seeds from germinating.

Second, we follow up with an post-emergent. This will eliminate any weeds that may have survived the prevention step.

Thirdly, we fertilize your lawn. In addition to the weed control step, this promotes a thick and thriving lawn. As a result, choke out potential weed growth. 

Generally, weeds can be categorized as either grassy or broad leaf. Adequate watering, healthy soil and cutting only 1/3 of the grass when mowing, will naturally help prevent these weeds.

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Lawn Care – Fertilization

Fertilizer promotes growth and feeds your lawn. A thick lawn deters weeds from growing, prevents soil erosion and adds curb appeal to your home.

The right fertilizer at the right times along with the right watering schedule, can achieve desired results. A typical weed control and fertilization schedule will include 7 applications per year.

Lawn Care – Insect Control

Some insects are a healthy part of mother nature. However, when Fire Ants and/or excessive lawn pests start to appear, there is nothing pleasant about that.

White Grubs. White Grubs feed on the turf grass roots, causing a reduced root system. Turf grass damaged by white grubs will easily pull up from the soil. You can easily roll it like carpet. You can check for grubs by digging a one square foot section at about a six inch depth, preferably every 1k square feet. If five or more grubs are present, there may be a white grub problem.

Healthy thriving lawns are unlikely to have these problems. However, when they arise we can help. You can tailor our treatment plans to meet your needs. We can show you options for pre-emergent, fertilizer, post-emergent, fungus, fire ants and/or lawn pest control treatments.

Organic and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Ask about our organic lawn care management.  The natural approach to a healthy, weed free lawn and landscape. Organic weed and pest control takes a dedicated plan. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is fundamental to organic lawn care and weed control. IPM is the process of managing unwanted pests and weeds by long term prevention. Prevention is key to great organic management. The organic approach is better for the environment. Find some great organic information here… Dirt Doctor

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