Mulch Those Flowerbeds!

Mulch those flowerbeds! Spreading mulch suppresses weeds, holds moisture, regulates soil temperature and feeds organic nutrients to your trees, plants and flowers. Spread at 3″ in depth. Replenish annually. See Texas A&M regarding mulch… A&M

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There are different qualities and types of mulch. Poor quality mulch consists of old pallets and construction material. Poor quality mulch does not contribute nutrients to your flowers, plants and trees. The better choice of mulch is local organic varieties. Organic mulch is full of nutrients, as a result effectively suppresses weeds and retains moisture.

Here are some great mulch varieties:

  • Premium Native Mulch: Made from local tree’s and logs thats been grind and aged. This mulch is a great source of microbes and nutrients for you flowerbeds.
  • Fine Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch: This mulch is medium to dark brown and is uniform in shape. It’s the most common mulch to give flowerbeds a natural look.
  • Cedar Mulch: Cedar mulch is a bit more reddish brown in color and a nice aroma. Also, believed to repel insects.
  • Pine Bark Mulch: Pine bark mulch is brown in color and is acidic. Acidity makes it a great mulch for Azaleas, Gardenias and any other higher acidic ph loving plants.
  • Pecan Shell Mulch: Pecan shell mulch, produced from crushed pecan shells, is also reddish in color. Uniform in size and often mixed in with soil as a conditioner.
  • Wood Fiber Playground Surface: This is a great playground surface option. Made from virgin wood, non-toxic and commonly used to protect against bumps and bruises.
Pecan Shell Mulch
Pecan Shell Mulch
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