A nice full, plush, green lawn is every home owners goal. Here are a few basic tips that can help you reach that goal:

Flower Mound Lawn Service

1. Water your lawn less but for longer periods. This will promote deep root growth and contribute to a healthier and hardier lawn. The roots are forced to grow deeper to take in water, so during droughts or harsh conditions the grass can withstand much more. This is an important step in lawn care.

2. Fertilizing once per quarter with the right fertilizer should be adequate. Don’t over do it with those harsh synthetic fertilizers that can turn your soil into unwanted hard-pan. It’s best to have a soil test done and treat the lawn & soil with the right amounts of nutrients to keep the soil ph balanced. A healthy soil is the base to all healthy lawns and landscapes.

3. Mow often enough that your only cutting a third of the grass height. A common mistake with lawn care is waiting too long to mow. Cutting more than a third of  grass blades can be harmful to your lawn.

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