Where to start..

There are fundamental basics to a healthy, successful lawn and landscape. The soil and environment in which the turf, plants and flowers grow are key.

Firstly, place turf, plants and flowers in areas they will thrive. With your lawn and landscape it’s important to consider how much sunlight, shade, and traffic it will be exposed to, for instance. With plants and trees, consider the mature size the plant or tree will reach, as a result, they will always thrive in their placement. Also, consider their growth requirements to thrive. It’s critical to know the amount of sunlight, shade, water, and maintenance they will need.

How to maintain..

Soil is also essential to your lawn and landscape. Plants and trees. Soil consists of five elements:

  1. Minerals: Small rock fragments.
  2. Organic Matter: Decaying vegetation such as, grass, leaves and plants
  3. Organisms: Worms, microbes, fungal, bacteria.
  4. Water
  5. Air

Next, the key to a healthy lawn and landscape, therefore a healthy soil, is to have a balance of these five elements, as a result, the right ph level. These five elements bond together to create a porous sponge effect to allow the proper amount of water and air to flow through. This regulates the food nutrients the lawn, plant or flowers receive. 

Finally, continue to water with an appropriate schedule. Water less frequent for longer periods of time during the growing seasons. This promotes strong deep roots.

In conclusion, these fundamentals will get you on the right track to a healthy, thriving lawn and landscape.

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