Irrigation Repair and Installation

Irrigation is a fundamental necessity for a healthy lawn and landscape. Annual system checks, sprinkler repairs and installation are part of landscape maintenance. We are the source for a quality irrigation sprinkler repair and installation by the professionals. Contact Us!

Irrigation Repair and Installation


Water, of course is essential to your lawn and landscape. The volume of water is also essential. Your lawn benefits from less frequent, but longer watering times. For example, its better to water twice a week, for 15-20 minutes, opposed to 3-4 times a week for 5-10 minutes. As a result, this encourages you grass roots to grow deeper into the soil to draw water and establishes a deeper root system. A deeper root system makes for a stronger, tougher lawn. The lawn will be able to withstand extreme temperatures better.

Watering is also beneficial to your foundation. The water helps to keep the soil a consistency it should be. For example, a dry North Texas soil can harden and crack because of the high clay content. When the soil starts to crack, it can also shift, causing the foundation to also shift. The water, with other beneficial nutrients, such as mulch in beds, can achieve that nice sponge like soil consistency. This is the type of soil you want for your home and landscape.

Irrigation Repair and Installation Process

Irrigation Repair: When you contact us for irrigation repair. we’ll send a irrigation professional out to assess the repairs needed by performing a system check. Access to the irrigation system will be needed. After running a system check, we’ll give an assessment along with a quote.

Irrigation Installation: When you contact us for irrigation installation, we’ll send a irrigation professional out to assess everything involved with the installation. Water supply, landscape placement, and type of irrigation system will be considered. Once all the information is gathered, we’ll provide you with a quote.

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