Hedge Trimming

Argyle Justing Flower Mound Hedge Trimming
Shrub Trimming

We’ll maintain your hedges, shrubs and small ornamental trees. Regular trimming keeps the hedges and shrubs healthy while giving great curb appeal. Waiting too long to trim you hedges and shrubs can actually harm them, not to mention create an unwelcome appearance. With a routine maintenance scheduled, tailored to your landscape, we’ll keep those hedges clean cut, healthy and in shape!

Crepe Myrtles are one of the great small trees for North Texas landscapes. As part of your hedge trimming maintenance we’ll include your Crepe Myrtles. Trimming and pruning Crepe Myrtles consists of pruning dead limbs, suckers growing up from the base of the tree and unwanted branches growing toward the fence or roof. We’ll also raise the canopy to allow proper clearance under the tree. There has been a practice by some to completely cut the canopy off in the fall. We don’t recommend this practice as it’s not natural for the tree. It doesn’t promote more blooms during the growing season, and actually scars the trunks, taking away from their natural beauty.

Crepe Myrtle Before
Crepe Myrtle After

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