Flowerbed Maintenance

Mulch Hope Landscaping

Flowerbed maintenance can consists of removing weeds, adding mulch and even being proactive by adding pre emergents to keep weed seeds from germinating. Maintaining your flowerbeds will keep your shrubs, trees and flowers healthy and appealing.

Weed Removal

Weed removal can be accomplished by few different ways. To start, prevention is key. Prevent weeds by spreading mulch and adding a pre emergent. Mulch keeps bare soil from being exposed, in turn discourages weeds. Next, the pre emergent is a chemical that will prevent weed seeds from germinating and growing into the un-wanted weed. The pre emergent is not harmful to your shrubs, flowers or trees when applied at the recommended rates. In turn, your flowerbed maintenance will be minimal and will always be appealing.


Mulch in your flowerbeds not only acts as weed prevention but also promotes healthy plants and flowers. A good native organic mulch will feed the soil nutrients, regulate temperature and encourage healthy plants. See more on mulch here.

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