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Hope Landscaping is a lawn care and landscape solutions service. Our company knows that your lawn and landscape is a huge part of the investment in your home. We are passionate about our work, as a result, you’ll get a lawn and landscape you can take pride in!


Courtesy, friendliness and responsive communication. We strive to be available to you and respond quickly to your emails, chats, messages and phone calls. We're here for you with excellence in service.


With professional equipment, consistent schedules and best practices, you're ensured quality results and a landscape you can take pride in!

Hope Landscaping is licensed and insured. Feel confident in utilizing our lawn and landscape service.


Client Account Portals. At any time you can access all of your service schedules in the future or past. View proposals, invoices, send work requests and make secure payments. Also, see before and after pictures. In addition, view a plant inventory of your landscape. We can catalog your lawn, plants and trees to monitor their health and care.

Electric Lawn Maintenance

We're striving to do our part to reduce green house gas emissions. We do so with our all electric, lawn maintenance equipment. Help us make a positive impact!

Argyle, Flower Mound, Justin & Roanoke Lawn Care and Landscape Solutions

Lawn Care and Landscape Solutions

Our mission is to provide excellence in service and a landscape you can take pride in! This is how we aim to be THE Argyle, Flower Mound, Justin and Roanoke lawn care and landscape solutions service provider..

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Firstly, we strive to provide first class service in lawn care and landscape solutions. We want to provide full service lawn maintenance and landscape solutions. By providing a full service, we can ensure quality results. The lawn depends on the irrigation system. The fertilizer and weed control depends on timing. For example, treatments should be applied at the correct time between mowings. If we’re maintaining the lawn, we can coordinate these services. Also, during you lawn care service, we’ll spot problems such as moles, and stop them before they do significant damage to your turf. Preventing grass from growing into the flower beds depends on a good solid stone border. Hedge trimming should be scheduled based on the variety of hedges and shrubs in your landscape. Clean-ups and gutter cleanings should be done based on the leaf drop from the variety of your trees.

Curb Appeal

Next, we want to give your home great curb appeal. For instance, a healthy landscape includes regular lawn care, green grass, timely trimmed shrubs, and perfectly mulched flower beds with annual flower colors that really pop! Irrigation system checks. Trimmed trees. Make your yard the envy of your neighbors without doing all the work. See some basics on lawn and landscape here.

Landscape Improvements

In addition to lawn care, does your landscaping need improvement or updates? Maybe you just moved to the Argyle, Flower Mound, or Justin area and need a lawn and landscape service provider? We offer service and solutions to bring your landscape up to par.

Get the lawn and landscape you want with our services listed below..

Fall is here!


Fall is here! September 22 marks the first day of Fall! As a result, we offer the Fall lawn service you need. Here are some tasks to do during the Fall season.. First check water schedules. Second, apply the pre emergent for cool season weed prevention and fertilize. Leaves start dropping so the lawn care will focus on keeping the landscape tidy. Last but not least… Fall color! Don’t forget the Fall annual flowers!

Get that lawn maintenance started this Fall! We provide aeration services! Aeration promotes a healthy lawn. Contact us for details..

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Lawn and Landscape

Where to start.. There are fundamental basics to a healthy, successful lawn and landscape. The soil and environment in which the turf, plants and flowers grow are key. Firstly, place turf, plants and flowers in Read more…

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